Self Sabotage (Part 2)

Self Sabotage (Part 2)

Last week I discussed 3 areas where we can sabotage ourselves. Today I am going to discuss 3 more areas:

1)Surrounding yourself with negative people.

People are our greatest asset or liability , they either enhance or inhibit us.

Remedy for this is to:

a)Choose not to be with them

b)Choose to rise above them

2)Being unable to learn from others.

These people have an ‘I’ problem they are either infallible, inflexible or insecure. It is often their insecurities and stubbornness that stops them from learning from others.

Remedy for this is to:

Hang around smarter people so you can learn from them

3)Being stopped by Failure.

People who are stopped by failure take it personally, those who are not stopped look at the process and don’t take it personally and move on quickly and don’t blame themselves.

Remedy for this is to:

a)Lighten up!

b)Focus on the possibilities not the liabilities.

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper In Your Life. 💙 🌈