The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.


There is an increasing need for team coaching due to the management model of ‘managers as coaches’ taking hold in many organisations. Also growth of ‘self managing’, cross functional and multiskilled teams presents an avenue for coaches to guide and support the development of team members.

Benefits of Team Coaching:

High performing teams in a high-performing culture is an imperative in the current marketplace. Team coaching can benefit everyone involved – the business, customers, managers and individual team members. Building effective teams within businesses and organisations can differentiate one company from its competitors. As team members become more self-directing and goal-oriented, companies improve quality and productivity and build stronger and more lasting relationships with customers.

Common features to all successful high-performing teams include

Common purpose
Clear and specific goals
Each member understands and is competent at his/her position
Open communication channels
Members encourage and support each other
Know and utilise each member’s strengths and know their weaknesses
Mutual trust
Mutual accountability