As a Coach, I equip people to be in touch with their best selves

What is

Coaching is essentially a conversation between a coach and client within a safe environment. Coaching involves helping individuals access what they know. They may never have asked themselves the questions but they have the answers. A coach assists, supports and encourages individuals to find these answers.

Coaching is about learning yet a coach is not a teacher and does not necessarily know how to do things better than the coachee. A coach can observe patterns, set the stage for new actions and then work with the individual to put these new, more successful actions into place. Quite often, when clients come to me for an initial consultation, they know they are not happy in their present circumstances, whether personal or professional, but are not sure of exactly what it is they want (oftentimes they are also unsure of what they don’t want). Together we begin the process of change.

Coaching is about change it is not just about obtaining knowledge, it requires being able to demonstrate this knowledge by taking action. Through various techniques such as listening, reflecting, asking questions and providing information, coachees become self- correcting (they learn how to correct their behaviour themselves) and self-generating (they generate their own questions and answers) Coaching is about asking the right questions to help you find the answers and solutions that best fit you.

How Val can support the client in the process...

First of all, each one of us needs to find out what we love to do, what we are tolerating in our lives as opposed to really enjoying and identify those obstacles or blocks that are preventing us from moving forward or changing our behaviour patterns. From there we develop and implement a strategic step by step action plan in order to achieve the desired outcome or goal. Throughout the process I support guide and encourage my clients keeping them focused on their goal and using my skills and personal experience I help my clients maintain confidence in their ability to create the life they want to live.

This process can be cathartic at times releasing old feelings that keep cropping up and preventing you from making positive changes however by changing your perceptions and your beliefs and really being true to yourself you can change old habits and behaviours forever. Whatever your needs happen to be, the person ultimately standing in the way of you making the progress you want to make is you – and once motivated, clear about, and fully focussed on what you want, you will make the right choices to enhance and transorm your life.

Benefits of Coaching

As such Coaching can facilitate increased personal awareness and personal growth.

Life coaching allows you the freedom to speak openly in a safe supportive confidential space without fear of judgment or criticism. When it comes to important life transitions such as a career change or a life crisis, you do not need to go it alone. Deepening our awareness of life and being conscious of the decisions we make facilitates our personal growth. If you are ready to make changes in any areas of your life, then coaching is for you.