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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an outgrowth of executive development programmes and has flourished with businesses and organisations hiring personal coaches in unprecedented numbers. It is an individualised

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Career Coaching

One of the two main areas that come up in life Coaching time and time again is the area of career. This is such an important part of people’s lives. It is one of the key ways we have of valuing ourselves...

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Leadership Coaching

Developing leaders’ capabilities to their fullest potential is critical in any organisation. In fact, one of the most frequently requested coaching interventions is that of ‘leadership development’...

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Welcome to the web site of
Val Neenan

I am an accredited Career and Executive Coach with the Irish Lifecoach Institute and have spent most of my career working with individuals and organisations helping them recognise and reach their full potential.

I previously worked predominantly within the private sector after graduating from UCC as an Occupational Psychologist and specialised in Human Resources and Organisational Development. I have over 25 years experience in multinational start-ups and have expertise in HR management, team and individual development; performance and change management; recruitment and selection techniques; psychometric assessment; facilitation, coaching and communication skills; learning and development programmes.

I specialise in the following areas of coaching

  • Executive coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Career and life review
  • Career change
  • Business coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Career enhancement and development
  • Impression management CV analysis
  • Retirement coaching and life after work
  • Career guidance for adults and secondary school pupils
  • Re-entering the workforce

I support, enable, empower and guide individuals privately and within organisations to achieve career clarity and results in a successful, meaningful, sustainable and realistic manner.

Satisfied Client Stories

Val is a wonderful Career Coach and I am delighted to be able to make this recommendation on her behalf. I initially sought the help of a career coach as I had been feeling somewhat disillusioned by the career choices I had made; and following a web search decided to meet with Val for an introductory meeting. Val’s warm and personable manner immediately made me feel at ease and we planned a course of action for our sessions; which were not only fun and interesting, but also very goal oriented and intent on getting to the heart of the problems experienced ...


I would highly recommend Val as a life and career coach. After our first meeting, Val tailor-made a career and life review programme for me. During our sessions we went through my life goals, what I valued in life along with my skills set. With this programme, I was able to see more clearly what was really important to me and with guidance from Val took necessary steps to deciding to make a life changing career move. Without Val, I would never have made the change, embracing the fear but doing it anyway. Thank you!


I would highly recommend Val as an executive coach. Working with Val is a pleasure. Val helped me to evaluate my beliefs and values as well as helping me to face the future with a renewed confidence and purpose. It truly has been a life changing experience which has increased my self awareness and provided me with a platform to approach my career and life in a measured and balanced way. I found the whole process to be tremendously rewarding.

Fiachra B

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