Val Neenan Executive Coach Cork

Val Neenan

Executive Leadership Coach

I am an Executive Leadership Coach and have spent most of my career working with individuals and organisations helping them recognise and reach their full potential.

I assist senior executives, directors, and managers in navigating career transitions, advancing professionally, and cultivating a more balanced and fulfilling life.

I previously worked within the private sector after graduating from UCC as an Occupational Psychologist and specialised in Human Resources and Organisational Development.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an individualised one-to-one relationship designed to assist executives in developing and enhancing their professional effectiveness and on-the-job performance

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching focuses on helping individuals develop their leadership skills and capabilities. By investing in leadership coaching it can empower leaders to reach their full potential

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Coaching is my passion and to help professionals bring back the magic into their daily lives and thrive is wonderful to see.

Val Neenan Executive Leadership Coach

I would highly recommend Val as an executive coach. Working with Val is a pleasure. Val helped me to evaluate my beliefs and values as well as helping me to face the future with a renewed confidence and purpose.It truly has been a life changing experience which has increased my self awareness and provided me with a platform to approach my career and life in a measured and balanced way.I found the whole process to be tremendously rewarding.
Fiachra B


Executive coaching trains executives to manage people, teams, and organizations.