Signature Executive Coaching Programme

Executive Coaching

Programme Duration:

12 months face to face / online coaching & mentoring, typically over 24 sessions of 48 hours (2 hours per session) every fortnight.

Programme Structure:

1. Values and Self-Limiting Beliefs Exploration

Values exploration: identify what are your core values. Self-Limiting Beliefs: what are your positive and negative beliefs and how can you overcome those that block you?

2. Skills, Attributes & Interests Foundation

Skills & attributes Evaluation: what are your Genuinely ‘motivated’ skills and attributes. Successful individuals who maintain their passion for their work overtime typically spend the majority of their time engaging in tasks that capitalize on their strongest abilities, their focus is on leveraging their strengths and doing what they excel at. However, many of us lack a clear understanding of our own skills and strengths, often focusing instead on addressing perceived weaknesses. To truly thrive and find fulfilment it’s essential to identify and cultivate our existing skills and strengths.
‘Interests’ Exploration: By utilizing an Interests Questionnaire, what interests you in life generally, and in work. This module assists you in identifying your preferred interests, which are crucial for finding satisfaction in both your work and life.

3. Achievements and Brainstorming

Achievements: build cognitive awareness of your achievements and use them to fuel & develop confidence & esteem. Brainstorm options arising from the overlapping of Skills/Values/Interests. Use a variety of tools and discussion to identify what are the best options.

4. CV Rework and Options Exploration

Create a powerful and effective CV or profile showcasing your talents using a Skills Based CV format.

5. What matters most

Asking powerful questions to understand what matters Most. What will it take to reach your full potential and live the life you want? ‘Your best year Yet’ analysis and exploration.

6. Wheel of Life Exploration

How am I doing in all 10 areas of life.

7. Evaluating ‘Your Best Year Yet’

Asking questions to evaluate ‘Your Best Year Yet’! ‘Your best year Yet’ analysis and exploration.

8. Creating ‘Your Best Year Yet’

Creating your ‘Your Best Year Yet’!

Evaluation and Follow-up:

Assessing client’s progress against predefined goals and objectives. Developing a post-programme action plan to sustain learning and drive continuous improvement.

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