As a Career and Executive Coach, I am passionate about changing lives . . .
I've learned through my own self-discovery work that sharing authentically is the best way to make a real difference in others' lives.


One of the two main areas that come up in life Coaching time and time again is the area of career. This is such an important part of people’s lives. It is one of the key ways we have of valuing ourselves, or feeling we are valued by others. Being valued by ourselves and others is the basis of self esteem, and our self esteem ultimately determines the quality of our lives.

Careers are shorter and more uncertain. There is very little job security with short-term jobs becoming the norm. Perhaps the most significant change though in career structures is that individuals are now responsible for their own careers. Forty or fifty years ago people found an area or company to work in and stayed there until retirement. Today the individual is responsible for identifying his or her career within and between organisations. Due to this change individuals struggle to find the right career for themselves and career coaching has become an essential lifeline for many people and is the ideal vehicle to ensuring career enhancement and career success. Whereas the same coaching skills are used here as with other areas, the focus is very much on career and the questions asked by the coach therefore will reflect this.

Some areas where a career coach can help include

Starting a career
Burnout or general career dissatisfaction
Transition and change due to company restructuring
Executive / career development
Career change
Re-entering the workforce
Preparing for future employment
Impression management - preparing CVs, interview skills
Redesigning your visibility and profile in the current workplace
Dealing with job loss
Career Outplacement
Retirement coaching

Benefits of Career Coaching
Career coaching can help you by

Assessing your situation and objectively evaluating your career opportunities

Working with you to clarify your values, beliefs, skills, achievements and options

Acting as a resource-providing you with useful and valuable information about how to research particular jobs and careers

Assisting you to market yourself effectively