Problems are Opportunities!! 🎯✅

I heard this recently and thought it was a great way to see problems.

✅ P – stands for Predictor. Problems more than anything in your life by your response to them, predict who you are and what you become. Problems have a way of moving people, they move you.

✅ R – stands for Reminders that life is tough and every day we are going to have another challenge, another adversity.

✅ O – stands for Opportunities. Problems present opportunities, everything you appreciate today for example medicines came from illhealth and someone found a cure!

✅ B – stands for Blessings. If you reflect on your problems you will see how they have helped us grow.

✅ L – stands for Lessons, the lessons and learnings we take from our problems fuel our growth.

✅ E- stands for Everywhere, problems are everywhere, all around us, you got problems, I have problems, we all have problems.

✅ M – stands for messages, they are signals that tell us something, a signal for example if Mary has a problem with Jack and Mary has a problem with Molly and Mary has a problem with George then most likely Mary has the problem!!

✅ S – stands for Solvable – problems are solvable.

So the lesson and message is is to look at the opportunities problems create not the obstacles.

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper in Your Life 💙🌈