Count your WINS daily!!

Every day we have small wins that we don’t recognise as wins, for example, you got out of bed and didn’t want to! You had a good productive day at work, you had a great conversation with someone, you exercised went to the gym had a swim or did yoga, you had a family dinner, whatever it is count your wins.  I count my WINS every morning when I wake which stops that monkey chatter and helps focus on the positives and I count them last thing at night before I go to sleep so my last thoughts before I sleep are positive thoughts. Counting you wins helps to:

  1. Stay positive and focus on what went well rather than what didn’t go well in your day.

0.0.Lift your mood and raise your vibration.

  1. Raise your serotonin levels in the body which are the happy hormones.

What are your WINS today??

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper in Your Life 💙🌈