How do you Feel?

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I feel we don’t focus on our feelings enough!

In order to find that dream job, or that ideal or dream relationship or dream home or whatever that dream is for you, it is very important to focus on how you feel and it helps to really get into what feeling it creates for you!

So here are some examples of ‘feeling’ words that can be used to help express how you feel in that ideal situation whatever that may be for you in your life.

It feels exciting, it feels warm, it feels inviting, it feels inspiring, I feel at ease it soothes me it feeds me, I feel comfortable, I feel confident, I feel at home here, I belong here.

All these words can really really help to get into that feeling rather than thinking we can feel it in our hearts in our souls what that dream will look like and by feeling more it takes you out of what you want to create in the future and brings you into that present feeling now.

Try and focus on your feelings more and use words that resonate with you.

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper in Your Life 💙🌈