Practice makes Perfect! Or does it?

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This statement isn’t necessarily true unless what you are practising is correct or accurate or with the right training or coaching. You could be practising the wrong habit so you won’t end up with the right result you could end up with a perfectly wrong result!

I take the example of the golf swing if you learn the swing incorrectly, first of all it is hard to unlearn that swing and correct it, it is far easier to learn it correctly from the get go rather than cut corners! 

It is important to look at areas in your life and get the right training, the right advice, the right coaching, the right instruction, because the perfection you will end up with will be rather imperfect if you don’t!

I know this to be true for myself, getting the right coaching, advice and training can help to make whatever I practice perfect!

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper in Your Life 💙🌈