Acceptance – what does it mean for you? 

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🥰 Acceptance for me is deep and meaningful, to accept my experience or situation without judgement or defence allows me to be more peaceful, more calm, more content and to find resolve.  This can be very challenging with lots of situations in our lives however acceptance can really help in lots of different situations.

🥰 An example is when I went for my morning walk with Jess my puppy it was still dark and I accepted the darkness although I prefer light and I embraced nature and sea that surrounded me. I felt so calm and peaceful it was a wonderful feeling!

😠Similarly it has been raining all day so I can fight against the rain and give out about it or I can accept it and get on my wet weather gear and get out for some fresh air!🥰

😠It is important not to have a defeatist attitude of ‘what can I do’ accepting is much more about allowing and empowering and letting it be and letting things flow. 🥰 

So look at how you are accepting certain things in your life, are you forcing or fighting against them which can create conflict and dissonance or are you accepting them and going with the flow?!

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper in Your Life 💙🌈