Did you know the best way to maintain Cognitive Ability is through Exercise?

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That’s a fact! Through cardiovascular exercise and weight training or lifting it can help our bodies, not only physiologically through gaining strength, bone density and muscle mass which can prevent osteoperosis and other diseases, it can also help with our brain function.

🧠🧠🧠Our brains are a  metobolically demanding organ and exercise can help to maintain it and activate it over time.  

🧠If you are 50 years of age for example you can restore your cognitive ability to that of a 30 year old through exercise!

🧠If you don’t exercise you compromise your brain’s function and it gets lazy and stupid.

🧠Brain exercises are good but don’t maintain that cognitive ability, EXERCISE is KEY! I have increased my cardiovascular exercise and weight training to benefit me in the long run both physiologically and cognitively!

Look at your exercise regime GET OUT GET MOVING and walk faster, jog, get on the cross trainer or treadmill.

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper In Your Life. 💙 🌈