How are you FEELING? 

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It is so important to allow you to FEEL whatever that feeling is for you, whether it be, sad, happy, angry, hurt, joyous, excited, annoyed, whatever you feel allow yourself to feel and acknowledge that.

When we deny our feelings or repress them it can cause issues and cause depression, feelings buried alive never die!  So remember to:

💙 acknowledge how you are feeling in any given moment and you have the choice to change how you feel, for example if you feel angry you can let that go and move on and feel something more positive.❤️

❌ Feelings that we repress and deny cause our growth to be stunted. That is why emotional intelligence is so important which is all about feelings and those ‘soft skills’ which I believe are the harder skills to experience, to nurture and to nourish. 

When we allow ‘feeling’ to happen it creates alot of growth so recognise that in yourself. 

If you are asked how do you feel? Be honest with yourself.  Appreciate how you are feeling.

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper In Your Life. 💙 🌈