Feeling Connected

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Last week I had to attend a funeral of a special Aunt who died and also it was my Mum’s first anniversary 💔so it was a tough week and I felt emotionally drained.  Out of it thought I took some great reminders of feeling connected to my family, extended family, my friends and I encourage you today to look at those in your life that you love that are important to you and embrace, nourish and cherish those people.

💔If there is a family conflict work it out, this is not a dress rehearsal, life is too short, we only have one chance at this, so live life to the full with peace and ease rather than strife or grief. 

Obviously when you are dealing with loss grief is inevitable that we have to go through, but when there is conflict between two individuals or family, if you can, work it out, resolve it and make the most of those relationships in your life! 🥰❤️

Live, Laugh, Love.


Prosper In Your Life. 💙 🌈





#lifeisnotadress rehearsal