Do you feel Stressed alot of the time? 

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Often we say we feel stressed and when we break it down what does that mean?

Physiologically it means we are in that ‘fight or flight’ state and when we are in that state our adrenal hormones repress the activity of the immune system so in essence our systems shut down to fight something even though there is no real threat. 

When our bodies tend to stay in that state it:

❌Weakens our immune system.

❌Our cognitive ability goes down.

❌Our brain function and intelligence is reduced because we stop producing cells that grow when we are not in that fight or flight state.

❌The fight of flight state is activated because we are bombarded by our lives, social media, what is going on in the world , wars, conflicts and consternation. 

❌We lack compassion in that state

How can we reduce this ‘fight of flight’ state?

✅ Being compassionate through being grateful.

✅ Practising Meditation and Visualisation which helps to create a relaxing calmer state of mind so we can accept information more clearly and see things with more clarity.

✅This helps to increase our creativity imagination and innovation.

✅Exercise helps to raise those happy hormones serotonin.

✅Sleeping well can hugely help with cell growth.

Live, Laugh, Love.

Prosper in Your Life 💙 🌈