Do you feel a failure in your life? 

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Failure is a negative word that is misused and abused and a self fulfilling prophecy if we tell ourselves that we have failed at something. We have a failure mechanism in ourselves and I strongly believe that by changing our language and seeing that ‘rejection is our protection’ is a much better way at looking at failure. 

For example I believe my marriage didn’t work, but I didn’t fail, I gave it my best shot and it didn’t work out for different reasons and I have succeeded in my life and finding a wonderful relationship. If I thought I had failed all those years it would have created such a destructive negative mindset for me. 

In terms of failure itself many of us in different walks of life have not failed for example the athlete who didn’t win that race has not failed instead s/he has learned it hasn’t worked as planned but that doesn’t mean they have failed!

A friend of mine said he failed at a previous job and actually I believe the job wasn’t suited to him and now he is in another job and extremely successful! What does that tell him or me? 

Be careful with the words you use and how you view failure ‘I failed at this I failed at that’ perhaps because you didn’t do well at something that was telling you it wasn’t suiting you rather than failing, that is what I mean by ‘rejection is your protection’. 

Live, Laugh, Love.