The huge Benefits of Meditation!!!!!

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A few years ago I found it very hard to meditate I didn’t know what to do or how to practice it BUT I started..the first step is to try it! I use guided meditation a lot which can help you remain focused on what is being said and takes you away from your ego mind, the should, have to’s and should nots!

The benefits are pretty astounding and I am a testament to how it has helped me.

🙏 I am 90% calmer than 3 years ago when I wasn’t practising it, 

🙏 I have reversed the fight of flight feeling in my system so my default is calmness not those palpitations or heart beating fast anymore which is a state I was in alot of the time for many years! I now do it Daily for about 10-20 minutes.

It helps to:

✅ Increase self-awareness

✅ Focusing on the present

✅ Reducing negative emotions

✅ Increase imagination and creativity

✅ Increase patience and tolerance

✅ Lower resting heart rate

✅ Lower resting blood pressure

✅ Improving sleep quality

✅ Gain a new perspective on stressful situations

✅ Build skills to manage your stress

When the limbic system in our brain is activated in the fight of flight scenario it knocks off the pre frontal cortex which helps with, focussing our attention, decision making, managing our emotional reactions and sends blood around or bodies so it speeds up our breath to get the heart pumping, that is the FIGHT OR FLIGHT STATE and it is NOT good to be in this state frequently

I visualise and imagine my life and what I want to create which is positive, happy and peaceful and I am with people I love. Remember that the subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between imagination and reality so the more you imagine the quicker you will attract what you want in your life. It goes back to our thoughts create our reality so make sure your thoughts are positive most of the time and full of your dreams and goals!!

Take a look at the benefits in the picture!! There are many!! 

Don’t Delay Start Meditating TODAY!!!

Live, Laugh, Love.


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