Have you achieved your goals for this year?  

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Setting goals has become a part of my life and years ago I didn’t set goals I just set tasks I wanted to achieve however when you write down your yearly goals it can help you to always be working towards them. Out of 20 goals I set this year I have achieved 17 of them. 

If you don’t achieve your goals this year you can push them out to next year so set your goal in stone but your time in sand meaning allow flexibility for movement if you haven’t achieved your goal(s). You can reset and start again or keep going if you are working towards that goal.

Setting goals can:

✅Help you begin with the end in mind and have a focus to work towards

✅Help you create motivation and consistency in your day, week, month to achieving your goal

✅Help create a habit which you do with ease and subconsciously, for example one of my goals was to do yoga 6 days a week and I have achieved that and it is part of my routine.

Live, Laugh, Love.