Have you ever said I will be Happy when…..???

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How to find happiness can be challenging and years ago I said to myself that I will be happy when I have this and when I have that which is not a good way to live life.

I learned that being happy now is so important and to find that happiness. We have only one chance at this life, we have only one life to live and if we wait till tomorrow we may never be happy!


✅ 1)Set a daily intention to find the positivity in your day

✅ 2)TAKE ACTION by finding something positive in what you are doing or experiencing for example if it raining outside you can go to the pool or swim in the sea, rather than looking at the rain if you don’t like it and it affects your mood! Another example is if you are in a job you don’t like, you can use that job as a mechanism to get you the job you want or the career you want so try and see it more positively than negatively.

It is so important to find the positive in every moment of your day or in any situation. Rather than force it to ‘be positive’ all the time instead find the positive in what you are doing and you will naturally be more positive, that is what I have learned to do and it has worked for me!

Live, Laugh, Love.