Have you ever been vilified? 

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I was yesterday and initially I was annoyed 😤, quite taken aback and after a while I decided find the positive in the situation and managed my emotional state around it.

I hate unfairness and injustice ❌ and being at the receiving end taught me to:

✅ Stand in my own power and my own space.

✅ Be more at ease and at peace and not feed into that disparaging comment.

✅ Not get into the boxing ring (metaphorically speaking) and remain detached, observe, think about the situation and not feed into that negativity.

When you feel vilified:

1. Look at the part you played in that situation if at all.

2. Address the situation and stand up for yourself in a diplomatic and professional manner.

3. Don’t get angry at the other person as it doesn’t help your energy and feeds in to the negativity.

Live, Laugh, Love.