We do not attract what we want, But what we are.

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“We do not attract what we want, But what we are.” — James Lane Allen

These are 3 simple tips to attracting what we want into our lives:

1) Watch your THOUGHTS your WORDS and your FEELINGS. Just remember that the universe is always listening!! If you are thinking that you want a lot of money but you are feeling that you lack it, that is a contradiction to what the universe hears so it will continue to give you lack of money.

2) THINK POSITIVE: We have got to think what we want positively and in the NOW as if we have it. Powerful thoughts come from positivity! There may be a contradiction in what you are telling the universe and there may be a push and pull of energy going on so watch this. For example if you meet someone and they ask you how you are and you reply ‘I’m OK’ well the universe will continue to give you that OK feeling rather than a great or more positive feeling because that is what you are feeling!!

3) It takes TIME AND ATTENTION: I’ve have learned this technique and process over a number of years and it takes time, focus and attention. So make sure that what you are and what you want are in alignment, so the universe hears the right message!

Live, Laugh, Love.