The Benefits of Yoga! 

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Yoga is so beneficial for us physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a great exercise for every part of our bodies, I had back problems years ago and don’t have any more because I practice yoga regularly. It builds strength in your body and can help you to focus, it massages our organs. It can also bring a lot of calm and peace. There is a piece of our brain called the Amigdala and when we are in fight or flight this gets activated and with yoga and meditation this can be calmed. I find the more yoga I do the less reactive I am. It can also raise those happy hormones bs serotonin in the body. I practice yoga with Dani Sheil who is an amazing yoga Teacher that I would highly recommend. Think about yoga and what it can bring to your life it certainly has brought a lot to mine. 

Live, Laugh, Love.