Shame on You!

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This topic has been discussed recently and I felt it important to talk about it. I grew up with shame having to do things a certain way and ‘shame on you’ if ii didn’t do things a certain way, or ‘you let me down’. My parents and Mum in particular brought me up this way but that is the way she was brought up and there is no blame here or shame in mentioning it. I have learned to be more of myself and express myself more freely and not worry about what others think and it has taken me a long time to accept me for who I am. Deep down if the cutlery is not in the right place does it really matter? As long as we are being respectful and mannerly that’s what matters. What is more important is to have perspective and don’t shame. We can shame as parents and we can be in that parent role and we don’t even need to be a parent to play this role. Teachers can be in this role a lot. Be mindful of not shaming and not pass that judgement or be stubborn about a certain way that something needs to be done. Be more understanding and compassionate.

Live, Laugh, Love.