What people are you attracting into your life?

Are you attracting the right people for you into your life? What are you doing to attract the right friends, partner, the right person you want to spend the rest of your life, with the right wife husband. When you know for yourself what you want and you are clear and write it down so if you want someone for example to be kind or generous or affectionate or intrinsically strong or assertive or chivalrous then write it down. The more clear you are in what type of a person you want to attract into your life the more it will happen. Then be patient which helps to bring what you want into your life, don’t be needy or desperate. Visualise that type of person and perhaps where you want to be with that person. If you are with the wrong people, hanging out with the wrong people then change your situation and look for new friends by being clear in what you want.

Live, Laugh, Love.