Val is a wonderful Career Coach and I am delighted to be able to make this recommendation on her behalf. I initially sought the help of a career coach as I had been feeling somewhat disillusioned by the career choices I had made; and following a web search decided to meet with Val for an introductory meeting. Val’s warm and personable manner immediately made me feel at ease and we planned a course of action for our sessions; which were not only fun and interesting, but also very goal oriented and intent on getting to the heart of the problems experienced. Since undertaking the sessions, the insight I have gained with regard to my own strengths, values and personal blocks is so profound and have positively affected not only my career, but my relationships and my whole attitude to life as well. The clarity with which I now set and attain my goals is astounding when I consider how muddled I was six months ago! Never have I undertaken such a worthwhile investment and I would highly recommend anyone in need of a positive mentor in their lives to meet with Val. She is an amazing Coach and the passion and energy she brings to her sessions is absolutely inspiring.


I would highly recommend Val as a life and career coach. After our first meeting, Val tailor-made a career and life review programme for me. During our sessions we went through my life goals, what I valued in life along with my skills set. With this programme, I was able to see more clearly what was really important to me and with guidance from Val took necessary steps to deciding to make a life changing career move. Without Val, I would never have made the change, embracing the fear but doing it anyway. Thank you!


I would highly recommend Val as an executive coach. Working with Val is a pleasure. Val helped me to evaluate my beliefs and values as well as helping me to face the future with a renewed confidence and purpose. It truly has been a life changing experience which has increased my self awareness and provided me with a platform to approach my career and life in a measured and balanced way. I found the whole process to be tremendously rewarding.

Fiachra B

I am pleased to write this recommendation letter on behalf of Val Neenan. I had the pleasure of participating in Val’s Life Coaching Course of the summer months of 2013. Val is pleasant, positive and makes her life coaching sessions fun, interesting and extremely thought provoking. While being direct and honest she created a good balance between supporting me and making me confront my blocks. I have gained tremendous insight into my blocks as well as my strengths. This work has provided a quantum shift in the way I think and has empowered all aspects of my life. Because of her coaching sessions I am now more hopeful, energetic and motivated about my career. It is obvious that Val loves what she does and was committed to my success. I thoroughly both enjoyed and benefited from her coaching sessions tremendously. Her intuition and experience, her training and warm heart make her a wonderful coach. I would recommend her work to anyone who unsure of their direction in life seeks a helping hand.

Bernie Healy

Val is great career coach! She is a true professional and her goal is to help you figure out where you want to go and how to get there. She works really hard to understand who you are and what you value. I quickly realized that Val is someone that I could really trust. Together we uncovered my talents and some forgotten passions and as a result of this process, I built up my confidence and now I have a clear vision of my career goals. I would like to thank Val for her support, patience, understanding and belief in me. I would highly recommend her services.

Yuki Hatano

After a year struggling with my career choices I decided to seek out help and advice. I initially met Valerie for a chat and I knew straight away that she would be able to help me. Throughout each session we explored my goals and needs in my life and career. Valerie encouraged me to follow my passion in life. I would look forward to every session because I began to feel more enthusiastic and confident in my career options. I found Valerie very professional, gentle and very aware of my personal needs. She taught me to have more confidence in myself and to be proud of all of my achievements. Valerie has given me the awareness and confidence that I believe I never would have found without her. Her general positivity and enthusiasm was exactly what I needed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Valerie and I endeavour to keep in contact with her in the future.

Lisa Healy

I recently sought out a career coach to help me explore career change options and deal with issues in my current employment. I came across Val Neenan through a web search and took a chance. It was a bit of a risky strategy but it thankfully worked out really well. I found Val really easy to engage with personally and liked her communication style. Following an initial meeting which was very positive, she outlined a plan for the coming weeks. We followed a clear process from start to end that involved me doing some homework between face-to-face sessions over a period of 8 weeks. It was structured and realistic and when we finished the final session she even reimbursed me for finishing a little earlier than anticipated, which I found incredibly generous and honest. She is insightful and observant and I felt she really identified what help I needed and was able to provide that help to me in a very positive and constructive manner. The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable and really helped me gain insights and perspective on current work problems and opened my eyes to the potential for other career opportunities. I left feeling re-energised and positive and I have Val to thank for that. Personally I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with improving their current work situation or considering changing careers.


I am incredibly grateful that I met and worked with Val. After returning home from living abroad for several years, I was at a transition point in my life both personally and professionally. Working with Val during this time, I found that she has an ability and is truly unique. She used her extensive professional experience to guide me in the practical aspects of finding the right career while also giving me a strong understanding of myself, my skills and the life I want to live. I looked forward to every session with Val and thanks to Val's coaching and the incredible CV she helped me build, I got the first job I applied for. I would highly recommend Val to anyone.

Sarah Crilly