As a Career and Executive Coach, I help leaders uncover the joy in their work… Through my own experience I understand the unique pressures of corporate life, and provide solutions that balance compassion with challenge, inspiring leaders to deeper levels of self awareness, and to more confident strategies for themselves and the people they lead.


Executive coaching is an individualised one-to-one relationship designed to assist executives in developing and enhancing their professional effectiveness and on-the-job performance. As such, it involves understanding and capitalising on an individual’s strengths, as well as recognising and overcoming his/her weaknesses

The type of work I do as an executive coach falls into three main areas

Skills coaching

focus is on specific behaviours

Performance coaching

process by which coaches can set goals, overcome barriers and evaluate performance

Developmental coaching

more holistic approach taken, intimate personal and professional development, creating a personal reflective space

Benefits of Executive Coaching

help the individual who requires new skills for a new position, due to a change in organisational structure
help work with the Manager being groomed for promotion
coach high performing executives whose personality style impacts negatively on their relationship with peers, staff and clients
Work with executives wishing to develop their career paths and prospects
help as a follow-on from 360 degree performance appraisal
help reduce executive stress and derailment
increase the executive’s capacity to manage an organisation –planning, organising, controlling, visioning, developing others etc.
increase the executive’s psychological and personal mastery skills such as self awareness, recognition of ‘blind spots’, defences and limiting thoughts and emotional effectiveness
improve the executives balance between work and life demands
improve the executive’s leadership, management and team-building skills
move from command-and-control style of management, to a participative democratic style of management
training plus follow-up coaching increases productivity by 88%
enhance multiskilling as opposed to downsizing and delayering