As a Career Coach working from Cork in Ireland, I help individuals with all aspects of their careers including CV analysis and revamping, Interviewing Skills Training and Career and Life Review programmes


Cost €120 per hour

Contact to discuss needs

+35387 8256991

Coaching Overview:

WHAT I DO: I help Senior Executives, Directors, Managers and professionals to move on or up in your career offering career coaching, Leadership development coaching, LinkedIn profiles, CV writing, Interview Skills training, saving you time in the long run to enhance your career move.

Career Coaching Cork

WHAT CLIENTS WANT: Clients need help to create a WOW CV that can bring out their USP (Unique selling points). Also they may need their LinkedIn profiles created and don’t know where to start. Clients often don’t know how to handle interviews and need help to prepare for them.

Clients also come to me because they need help handling situations and interacting with people in their job. I cover critical topics like relationship building, decision making, developing resilience, managing change and managing stress. 

WHY WORK WITH ME: My coaching takes the stress out of creating your CV and LinkedIn profile so that it stands out from the crowd and sells your expertise/USP to gain that promotion or job you want. My coaching helps clients be prepared to perform great interviews that will get them that job or promotion. I help clients take the stress out of your professional lives through finding the best career path that suits you equipping you with the tools to making that decision.

Career Coaching Services

  • Interview Skills Preparation and Training for different interview types such as: competency based, panel interviews, behavioural or STAR method interviews
  • Identify your interests, skills, values and preferences
  • Create your best CV
  • Create your Best LinkedIn Profile

Length of Sessions:

The Coaching sessions are one hour in length and the amount of coaching sessions required is dependent on your needs as a client.  The first session is an introductory session and will focus on defining your needs and from there I will design a path forward and how many sessions suit you.

CV writing typically takes 2 hours with consultation and development.

Sessions can be Face to face or Online depending on your location.

Contact to discuss needs

Phone: +35387 8256991


Some areas where a career coach can help include

Starting a career
Career change
Transition and change due to company restructuring
Executive / career development
Burnout or general career dissatisfaction
Student and Graduate Career Coaching
CV preparation, Interview skills training
Dealing with job loss
Career Outplacement

Benefits of Career Coaching
Career coaching can help you by

Assessing your situation and objectively evaluating your career opportunities

Working with you to clarify your values, beliefs, skills, achievements and options

Acting as a resource-providing you with useful and valuable information about how to research particular jobs and careers

Assisting you to market yourself effectively